Friday, November 28, 2008

PicasaLight on Codeplex

I have made the source code of PicasaLight, the project that I have announced yesterday, available on Codeplex.

The project page:

On that page I will add some more details about how PicasaLight works ASAP.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

PicasaLight - A Silverlight implementation

Last March or April, when Silverlight 2 beta 1 had just been released, I had an idea. Why not building a Silverlight application for this website that automatically fetches my photos from Picasa Webalbums and displays them on this site? I started building it and encountered many problems, but some things worked, so I kept trying. Before this project was finished, beta 2 was released. Of course, everything stopped working. I restarted building it, but bugs crept in and I never got it the way I wanted it to be. In October, Silverlight 2 RTW was released, and everything stopped working again.

Today, however, I decided to get it working. It took me over 6 hours, but I have succeeded. PicasaLight, as I like to call it, is now up and running:

If you are wondering how I have accomplished this: keep an eye on this blog. Tomorrow I will post more details, and maybe even some source code…

Update (28 nov): Version 1.1 is online, there is now an animation when a big photo is loading and I have added a next and a previous button.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Live Framework: create applications for mesh

At TechEd, I was one of the happy few who got their hands on a token for Windows Azure, or at least for the mesh part of it (see screenshot). If you want to learn more about writing applications for Live Mesh, you should read Katrien’s blog. If you hurry you might even get a token too. If you’ve already got a token: here is the place to redeem it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Presentation about TechEd at Ghent University

This afternoon I have done a presentation on TechEd and on Windows 7 at Ghent University. I am very pleased with the fact that almost 40 people showed up, because I didn’t expect that many people would delay lunch to see Windows 7 in action.

The slides of this presentation are available here (or click here to download them):

The clip that is supposed to be on the second slide is available on YouTube as well:

MSP at TechEd 2008: An amazing experience

As I’ve already written, last week I have been at TechEd Developers 2008 as an MSP (Microsoft Student Parner).

There has already been blogged a lot about TechEd, so I’ll only add something about the MSP-only events.

A little roundup of some nice blogs:
• Luc Van de Velde - Barca was Belgian again (at least for 2 weeks)
• Katrien De Graeve - TechEd EMEA: Visual Studio 2010 in the keynote and lots of Belgians
• Kurt Claeys - I won Speaker Idol at TechEd EMEA Barcelona!

The MSPs had two special meetings: a social meeting on Tuesday night and a more formal meeting on Thursday afternoon. The social event took place at Barcelona Indoor Karting and it was a lot of fun and a great chance to meet student partners from all over Europe. The meeting on Thursday was very interesting too. Caroline Philips (Microsoft Academic Lead for Western Europe) and Andrey Terekhov (Microsoft Academic Lead for Central & Eastern Europe) did the introduction. Leandro Doeyo (who manages the MSP program worldwide) gave us an overview of the academic programs and Holly Petersen (International Recruitment Program Manager) told us some things about Microsoft Recruitment & Internships. After the break David Chappell teached us how to give a killer presentation and some MSPs from five countries (Poland, Holland, Spain, …) told us about what they are doing to make a difference.

Because an image says more than a thousand words (or here):

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Live from TechEd, Barcelona

Some pictures of my first day at TechEd are available here.

I'll be blogging more about TechEd when I get home.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Finally we got rid of "", the website of Dreamspark has been redesigned and is now available on:

Students of Ghent University (UGent) will soon be able to verify that they are eligible using their student ID credentials (username and password). Both the university and Microsoft have promised me to get it working as soon as possible.