Friday, August 7, 2009

Mobile Vikings App for Windows Mobile

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Update 11/10/09: version 2.0 in now available on this minisite!

I’m a big fan of Mobile Vikings, a relatively new mobile operator in Belgium. Actually, it’s a virtual operator; they use the network of BASE, but have their own pricing and policies. Mobile Vikings is a very innovative MVNO, they want to make mobile internet available to a broader public. Per top-up of €15 they provide you with 1000 free text messages (valid for a month) and one month of free internet (fair use: 1GB). It is by far the best deal you’ll get in Belgium if you want mobile internet.

But great pricing isn’t the only awesome innovation. They also have a great website, where you can consult your balance and call history (very detailed) and they are constantly releasing new features. A recent release is their API, which allows developers to write applications that interact with their services. Currently available on the API are: checking your balance (including number of free SMS’s left and amount of free data left), top-up history and call history. They have also built an iPhone application that implements all of the API functions so far.

There is, as far as I am aware, no application available for Windows Mobile users. But hey, that’s why there is an API, so that third party developers can build app’s for their favorite platforms! To solve my own immediate need, I have built a little app that implements the most important function of the API: checking your balance. I’m working on a much bigger project for Windows Mobile, so I couldn’t spend too much time on this right now, but when I have some more time I will implement the call history feature as well (yeah, I know, when will that be…).

Without further ado, to make your mobile experience even more awesome: click here to download the installer or scan this tag with your phone.
Update 11/10/09: version 2.0 in now available on this minisite!

This application is totally free. Enjoy!