Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Presentation on Students to Business day 2010

Just a few hours ago I did a presentation "Five things you'll love about Silverlight" on the Microsoft Students to Business day 2010 in Antwerp. All went well and I promised to publish my demos on this blog, so here you go:

A zip with the demo source code

A running demo

The slides (without the video, Powerpoint 2010 only)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Plugg 2010

Today I have attended Plugg 2010, a one-day conference in Brussels about web and mobile startups in Europe. I'm not going to write an in-depth report of this conference, but I would like to share some thoughts.


First and foremost, although I'm a computer science student who isn't currently involved in a startup, these sessions where very interesting and inspirational for me too. I really, really liked the short (20 minute) presentations this morning, most of them were very good. I especially liked Astrid Sandoval's talk about Issuu.

There was also a startup contest, the 20 finalists of this contest each did a 2 minute presentation. Both the audience and a professional jury where voting. To note: summarizing your whole idea in 2 minutes can be quite hard and some finalists did a very well, but others failed to make clear what their startups are doing. The 3 best startups then each did a 10 minute presentation. Raz*War won the audience award and Fits.me won the contest.

After the startup rally there where some more keynotes. I enjoyed the sessions about mobile applications and how to make money with them. The presentation of Opera Software Chairman Jon S. von Tetzchner was very insightful too (e.g. how does Opera make money with a free browser).

The venue for this event was the Begacom Sufhouse. Nice hall and conference room, but we suspect that Belgacom uses the big hall either as a storage space for weapons of mass destruction or to build aircrafts. The pictures should clarify why we think that. Either way, not the best location for people who are afraid of heights.


All pictures and videos of the conference are available online.

I attended Plugg 2010 as a guest of the organisation, special thanks to Zeus for making this possible!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Building a conference website and registration system

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on the website and registration system for the Students to Business Day 2010.

On a related note: registrations have opened, you can now register for this free event on www.s2b2010.be. I'm doing a one-hour session called "Five things you'll love about Silverlight", on the developers track.

The registration system also includes a portal for schools to verify which of their students have already registered. Administrators get some basic statistics about the participants and a list of names, email-addresses and phone numbers. The styled list is nice, but not very handy in some situations. For that reason, there's an export to Excel function too.


You don't have Silverlight on your computer, that's why the images below might not load as fast and smooth as possible. Click here to get Silverlight.