Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Third place at AppsForFlanders hackathon

Last week, I went to the AppForFlanders hackathon with some friends. At this event, students were invited to build apps with government data.

More info about the event:
Alexander, Tom, Nicolas and I have build a little online game (or rather quiz) about biodiversity. We called it "berenleren!", which is Dutch and could be translated as "bear teaching". I take no responsibility for this name whatsoever (Miet takes the blame).

Berenleren combines biodiversity data with images and descriptions from Wikipedia and book titles from boek.be.

The application, built in a couple of hours, is buggy at best (and ugly at worst), but available at http://berenleren.apphb.com/ (it is written fully in HTML/JS/CSS, so feel free to grab the source).

And oh, forgot to mention: it got us a third place (500 euros and a ticket for iMinds), which is nice.

Some more pictures:




The jury

The presentation

No animals were harmed in the making of this software.