Microsoft Chopsticks

As I've promised I’ll tell about one of the projects I have been working on during the past few months.

Microsoft has built a new platform to distribute tutorials, workshops and other information about future and current technology. Chopstick (named after the tools Chinese people use to eat) is a website with webcasts. Actually two websites, one for MSDN and one for Technet. The video player is built using Silverlight, Microsoft’s brand new web technology.
A few videos are already available, including one I’ve made about combining WPF and Aero Glass (although most webcasts on Chopsticks will be in English, mine is in Dutch).

MSDN Chopsticks (developers): Click here
Technet Chopsticks (IT professionals): Click here
My first webcast (MSDN Chopsticks): Click here

Any feedback is welcome here.


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