MSP at TechEd 2008: An amazing experience

As I’ve already written, last week I have been at TechEd Developers 2008 as an MSP (Microsoft Student Parner).

There has already been blogged a lot about TechEd, so I’ll only add something about the MSP-only events.

A little roundup of some nice blogs:
• Luc Van de Velde - Barca was Belgian again (at least for 2 weeks)
• Katrien De Graeve - TechEd EMEA: Visual Studio 2010 in the keynote and lots of Belgians
• Kurt Claeys - I won Speaker Idol at TechEd EMEA Barcelona!

The MSPs had two special meetings: a social meeting on Tuesday night and a more formal meeting on Thursday afternoon. The social event took place at Barcelona Indoor Karting and it was a lot of fun and a great chance to meet student partners from all over Europe. The meeting on Thursday was very interesting too. Caroline Philips (Microsoft Academic Lead for Western Europe) and Andrey Terekhov (Microsoft Academic Lead for Central & Eastern Europe) did the introduction. Leandro Doeyo (who manages the MSP program worldwide) gave us an overview of the academic programs and Holly Petersen (International Recruitment Program Manager) told us some things about Microsoft Recruitment & Internships. After the break David Chappell teached us how to give a killer presentation and some MSPs from five countries (Poland, Holland, Spain, …) told us about what they are doing to make a difference.

Because an image says more than a thousand words (or here):


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