PicasaLight - A Silverlight implementation

Last March or April, when Silverlight 2 beta 1 had just been released, I had an idea. Why not building a Silverlight application for this website that automatically fetches my photos from Picasa Webalbums and displays them on this site? I started building it and encountered many problems, but some things worked, so I kept trying. Before this project was finished, beta 2 was released. Of course, everything stopped working. I restarted building it, but bugs crept in and I never got it the way I wanted it to be. In October, Silverlight 2 RTW was released, and everything stopped working again.

Today, however, I decided to get it working. It took me over 6 hours, but I have succeeded. PicasaLight, as I like to call it, is now up and running: http://www.wouterdevinck.net/photos/

If you are wondering how I have accomplished this: keep an eye on this blog. Tomorrow I will post more details, and maybe even some source code…

Update (28 nov): Version 1.1 is online, there is now an animation when a big photo is loading and I have added a next and a previous button.


Katrien said…
Nice work Wouter!

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