The story of the Windows 7 Beta Fish

Last Friday, Microsoft has released a public beta of the next version of Windows. There has already been blogged a lot about Windows 7 and I don’t have enough time to write a complete review (I’m in the middle of some weeks of exams, you see). However, today I noticed something that I would like to share.

Tim Sneath blogged a hint about the secret of the fish that is on Windows 7 beta’s desktop in his list of 30 secrets about Windows 7. The fish turned out to be a Siamese fighting fish , better known as “betta”. That subtle joke, however, is not the only thing! Wild bettas are quite boring fish, they are brown and can have some shades. The blue and red colored ones are “created” by selectively breeding them, just like a lot of other fresh-water fish that are popular in aquariums. It is being said that the fact that we see a beautiful colored fish on the Windows 7 desktop refers to the fact that we have arrived at the beta stage. Previous milestones (e.g. the 6801 M3 build that was distributed at the PDC) would then be the wild betta fish.

I hope that this wallpaper makes it to the release versions! I really like subtle jokes and little stories like this!

The public beta is available here (and on MSDN and TechNet, for subscribers). There was a limit of 2.5 million units, but that limit has been removed for the next two weeks.

Have fun!


Javache said…
Nice find! I wondered about it after reading Tim Sneath's post.

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