Techdays 2009 – day 2

A little note about the second Techday, last Thursday.

I started this day with “The Daily Scrum”. I had no idea what scrum was but I had heard at TechEd that this had been an interesting session over there so I gave it a try. Those two guys, Stephen Forte and Joel Seminuik, where pretty funny. They tried something difficult: having an interactive session with a Belgian audience. Also notable: Stephen made a lot of his slides “on the fly”. Often funny, but distracting when Joel was talking at the same time. Anyway, I have learned what scrum and “the daily scrum” are, something I probably wouldn’t have learnt at school.

More info:
Second session was “ASP.NET MVC” by Scot Galloway. During the lunch, we had a power outage. The entire building went dark for several minutes. Because all systems had to be restarted, the afternoon sessions were delayed 15 minutes. After the lunch I went to “Live coding Silverlight and WPF” by Laurent Bugnion. He should have called this session: “An introduction to XAML”. After this, I saw Scot Galloway again for “ASP.NET 4.0 What is coming?”

Then, it was time for my daily IT pro session. Tom Decaluwé talked about UAC in this session. At first I liked it, but after a while it started boring me. Probably because I do care about UAC, but not about how to use Group Policies to configure it.

I ended this last Techday of 2009 with a session of Ingo Rammer about Windows Azure. Without doubt the best sessions I’ve seen that day. I already knew a lot about Azure, because I’m working on a big project in it, but still I learned some things and Ingo certainly masters the art of presenting.

Looking forward to see all of you again, next year at the Techdays and at the Students to Business day!


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