Spending some time with the stars at PDC10 and TEE10

At the Professional Developers Conference 2010 and at TechEd Europe 2010 Jeroen, Kurt and I have been interviewing some technology rock-stars.

Update (28 jan): at PDC we were planning to interview Scott Hanselman too, but time didn't allow. But no worries! One of our new MSPs, Dirk, interviewed Scott this week while he was in Belgium for Web Camp 2011. I have added the video to this list.

This is the complete list, in alphabetical order.

Anders Hejlsberg is a technical fellow (what’s in a name) at Microsoft working on new C# features (such as async). During the interview we finally found out why C# is COOL, how they design a programming language and what’s the next big thing in programming languages.

Bart De Smet is a fellow Belgian working at Microsoft on the Cloud Programmability Team where he’s all into shaping the future of data access in the cloud. We first talked with him about how he ended up working at Microsoft. Next we got an overview of Reactive Extensions and how it relates to the new Async CTP.

Part 1

Part 2

As Senior Technical Evangelist for Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management, Brian Keller is all passionate about testing. We sat down with him and tested his knowledge of test-driven development, code contracts and how development is done within Microsoft.

For the past two years we’ve known Caroline Phillips as the Western Europe academic lead. Since she had recently switched roles, it was the perfect timing to get to know more about her new job, how she ended up working at Microsoft and her vision towards students.

Don Syme (working on F# at Microsoft Research) and Talbott Crowell (a cofounder of one of the F# usergroups) tell us what F# exactly is and some real life applications. Furthermore we asked him about the future and heading of F#.

With Gill Cleeren we find out what is means to be a ‘Regional Director’. His vision on the HTML5 vs Silverlight debate and we end with a rather tricky question!

Giorgio Sardo is a Senior Developer Evangelist working Microsoft Corporation with a strong focus on Internet Explorer 9 and HTML5. In this interview we’ll find out what exactly HTML5 is, how Internet Explorer 9 is positioned competitors and their work on HTML5 support.

Jacqueline Russell is the new Western Europe academic lead since one month. We learn more about her professional history and whether she manages to keep up with the technical aspects in her new role. What are her plans for students? Is it easy to work with an international team?

We’ve already seen Jonathan Carter on stage at the PDC keynote and after his session at TechEd Europe, we thought it was time for an interview. We learn more about his OData and how it relates to other buzzwords like SOAP, REST. Lastly we’ll find out how Microsoft is using OData in their own products.

We have talked to Katrien De Graeve about her job as an evangelist and TechEd track owner, about what students should learn and about what it is like to be a woman at Microsoft.

With Mark Russinovich, also a technical fellow at Microsoft, we explored the possibility of cloudinternals or phoneinternals, the difference between his previous job and his new job. We also ask him about the new Windows Internals book.

Michelle Fleming is the worldwide Microsoft Student Partner program lead. We actually learn what being an MSP is all about and learn more about the new MSP platform.

So now we all know that Rob Miles is ‘me’. As a lecturer at the University of Hull in the United Kingdom he made the switch from teaching Java to C#, resulting in ‘the yellow book’. We learn more about his vision on teaching programming, the use of XNA and what he’s passionate about.

At Web Camp Belgium 2011 one of our new MSPs, Dirk Schuermans, interviewed Scott Hanselman. Topics: Razor, WebMatrix. Blog: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/

Thanks to Jennifer Perret for providing us the Flip cameras and to everyone who took place in front of our camera!


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