Project Yelper

A lot of demos on conferences feature Twitter these days. Jeroen and I noticed that and decided to do better, what about showing the 700 hundred students attending the developers track on the Students to Business day how to build the entire Twitter ecosystem using Microsoft technology? We brought in Niels -all the way from Keiem- to take care of the WCF stuff.

The audience entering the room on the S2B day.

We named our Twitter clone "Yelper" and built it using C#, ASP.NET MVC 3, Razor, jQuery, WCF, OData, Silverlight (on the phone), ...

The website is available on and
The source code is available on
The WP7 is available on and in the marketplace.

The slides of our three sessions are available on Slideshare and below:

Session 1 The basic features of the website

Session 2 Adding some more features to the website and building the API

Session 3 The Windows Phone application

Yelper also got an inexplicable amount of media attention. It was featured in almost all Belgian online newspapers, in a few printed newspapers and on national radio. All of that for just a demo app. I will do a separate post about the media madness and its effect on the future of Yelper.


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