Viking! 2.0

Today, I have pushed a major update for my Mobile Vikings application for WP7 to the marketplace. Version two is a complete rewrite from the ground up and is supposed to be more robust, more secure and above all: more feature complete. It uses OAuth for authentication. New features: live tile (experimental, as this is quite challenging), multi sim support, usage history, top-up history, vikingpoints, sim details, ...

It may take a couple of days/weeks for this update to appear in the marketplace.
Update 14 sept: Viking! 2.0 has successfully passed the marketplace certification procedure and will appear soon.
Update 15 sept: Viking! 2.0 is available
Update 17 sept: Viking! 2.1 submitted to the marketplace. This update fixes a few minor bugs and one major bug that prevented users from logging in if their password contained any non-alphanumerical characters.
Update 21 sept: Viking! 2.1 is available


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