TypeScript Bundle Transform for ASP.NET

Last week, Microsoft announced TypeScript, a superset of Javascript that adds strong typing, interfaces, classes, modules and lambda expressions. If you have not heard of it, their website has a tutorial and playground. If you have some more time, there is a very good video overview by Anders Hejlsberg on Channel 9 (embedded below).

The response to this new language seems to be mixed. I largely agree with the opinions expressed in this article: Thoughts on typescript.

An interested fact about the open source TypeScript compiler is that it is written in TypeScript. This compiler translates TypeScript to plain Javascript.

When I first read about TypeScript (yesterday), I immediately started looking for an IBundleTransform implementation that runs the TypeScript compiler. I did not find any implementations, so I decided to write one myself and put it on GitHub and NuGet.

The only available compiler is written in TypeScript itself (so you can compile it to Javascript) and I did not quite have the time to translate the entire compiler to C#, so I needed a way to execute Javascript in C#. I know I could have used Microsoft's Chakra Javascript engine, but that would have introduced a dependency on having Internet Explorer installed on your server. I ended up using Google's V8 Javascript engine, which I could bundle with the project.



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